Spilt coffee on your laptop? all is not lost, we can retrieve data and repair drinks, dropped or crush damaged laptops.

We offer part exchange deals on new laptops. laptop repair

We can repair,

  • OneNeck-End-to-End-IT-SolutionsSoftware problems
  • Virus Infections
  • Broken screens, cracked screens or dead screens
  • Supply a new battery or charger
  • Replace or upgrade hard drives and solid state drives,
  • Solve wireless issues
  • Fit new Laptop keyboards
  • Failed internal graphics cards and chips
  • Reballing and refloating of surface mount chips

Slow Performance diagnosis

If you have a faulty computer, your PC takes for ever to boot up or is running very slow. we can help.

If your computer is a brick, i.e not powering up, we can resurrect it, or advise on the best replacement or computer upgrade solution.

We can retrieve data from corrupted hard drives and tranfer it to a new computer or different PC

Operating system and software experts

ESP Computers can undertake system reinstall on all the popular operating systems.

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server variants, we are a Microsoft partner.
OSX and Apple Macintosh upgrades and Installation
Linux Installation
Dual Boot configuration
Operating System optimisation.
We can advise you on whether your computer hardware is capable of running a new operating system with repect to hardware drivers and system performance. We will advise on possible computer hardware upgrade paths if appropriate.