Welcome to ESP Computers products

bespoke computerIf you want a quality computer system, built to last, and as future proof as possible, but also tailored to your individual requirements,

look no further!

With years of experience building and supplying PC systems to the media industry, small business and offices , we are ahead of the game when it comes to specifying systems.

With a such a huge range of computers available we can help you make the choice that suits you.

Our systems are built to order, and are free of the 'bloat ware' associated with some of the larger brand names.

Our computer systems are all built to the highest standards.

Our PC's are built with performance and reliability as the main consideration. We build headroom in to our specifications, so even when stressed by multiple applications being run at the same time they do not slow down.

We use high quality components, motherboards from ASUS, Memory from Kingston, Seagate hard drives with solid state capacitors, and cooler-master power supplies and cases.

We use the latest Sandybridge i3, i5 and i7 Intel processors, and are constantly testing systems with the latest components, software and technology.